Frequently asked questions

A copyminter is someone who minted an NFT using another artist’s work without the right to do so.

A restricted account is prevented from selling any art on a NFT marketplace. NFT marketplaces like HicEtNunc and Objkt.com manage lists of restricted accounts of suspected copyminters based on account activities.

The restricted accounts are reported mainly by artists and collectors or caught reusing IPFS files of existing NFTs.

Contact the marketplace directly to have the account removed from the restricted lists. This site does not maintain those lists.

OBJKTs that are created, burnt and then re-created with the same artifact by the same artists are ignored. However, if the artist mints an OBJKT and then mints another OBJKT with the same artwork before burning the first, then that is flagged.

The tools on this site automate detecting potential copymints by analyzing the account behaviors and comparing the NFT artifacts. The tools provide artists and collectors information to make informed decisions about their next NFT purchase.

Visual similarity is determined by calculating a perceptual hash for each OBJKT and stored in a database. The hash for each new mint is compared against the hash of all previous mints.

  • The account has no social profiles, and the social profiles show no history of creating or collecting NFTs.
  • The account is selling the work of well-known artists at reduced prices.
  • The account is new and shows no history of selling and collecting.
  • The account has artwork of various different styles.
  • Use a reverse image search to determine if the image is original (in Chrome, right-click on an image and select `Search image with Google Lens`).

The output of the tools provide both the information and links so that you can verify it yourself.

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique proof of ownership associated with digital files such as photos, videos, and audio. NFT's can be traded on NFT marketplaces.

An NFT marketplace allows artists to showcase and sell their artwork to collectors.

OBJKT is the token symbol for art minted on Teia.art.

The minting process creates a record or NFT of the art information in the blockchain.

Teia.art utilizes smart contracts which are programs that automatically manage the minting, selling, and buying processes to ensure the artist is paid for each sale and receives royalties for resels. This system eliminates the need for intermediaries and fosters a direct relationship between creators and collectors.

According to the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for the Visual Arts, artists may invoke fair use to incorporate copyrighted material into new artworks in any medium, subject to certain limitations:
  • Artists should avoid using existing copyrighted material that does not generate new artistic meaning, being aware that a change of medium, without more, may not meet this standard.
  • Whether in part or whole, the artistic objective should justify using a preexisting work. Artists who deliberately repurpose copyrighted works should explain their rationales for doing so and the extent of their uses.
  • Artists should avoid suggesting that incorporated elements are original to them unless that suggestion is integral to the meaning of the new work.
  • When copying another’s work, an artist should cite the source, whether in the new work or elsewhere (by means such as labeling or embedding), unless there is an articulable aesthetic basis for not doing so.